Non governmental organization focused on promoting the rule of law, enhancing legal culture and strengthening civil society
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Open Ukraine was founded to promote the rule of law, enhance legal culture and strengthen civil society.

Since our founding, we have organized over 100 international, national and regional conferences and workshops and involved top officials, judges, advocates, prosecutors, experts, law students in numerous projects in the field of law.

In order to implement its ongoing projects Open Ukraine has partnered with researchers from Columbia University, Northwestern University, the University of California, Western NIS Enterprise Fund, the European Union Project «Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine», Council of Judges of Ukraine, High Council of Justice, Supreme Court of Ukraine, Criminal Cassation Court of Ukraine, High Specialized Court of Ukraine on Civil and Criminal Matters, hundreds of local and appellate courts, National Bar Association, Association of Advocates, National Coordination Center for Legal Aid, Ukrainian Law Society, 19 leading law universities across Ukraine, British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, non-governmental organizations and public opinion leaders.

We bring about changes and foster our country`s development!

Stanislav Batryn, PhD in Law, advocate
Open Ukraine, Founder & Chairman
Open Court Project [OCP]
Just after the Revolution of Dignity, Ukraine passed new legislation that authorizes anyone to make video recordings of court proceedings, without obtaining permission from court or parties to a case [no one other country worldwide allows videotaping of court sessions without prior approval]. We have used this unique opportunity and launched the Open Court Project [OCP] focused on the promotion of the rule of law, independence, transparency and accountability of the judiciary, increasing standards of justice and improvement of the population's legal culture. Within the OCP we have videotaped over 7000 court sessions, which have been posted to online archive to be viewed for free by citizens and legal professionals. In collaboration with top researchers from Columbia University, Northwestern University, the University of California we have been implementing the research on the impact of videotaping on the rule of law. You are welcome to visit
project's web site and our social media sources page 1, page 2
Virtual Court Project [VRcourt]
The Virtual Court Project provides for videotaping court sessions with the usage of 360 degree cameras. Thanks to novel technologies we gained the opportunity to create virtual reality videos of court sessions and to review videos with VR glasses. In order to positively influence the legal education process across the country, we have used this innovative approach to train law students, with no necessity to visit courts. You are welcome to experience that right now! Watch videos from courts with VR glasses : video [how it works], video [sample 1], video [sample 2], video [sample 3]
Innovative Legal Education Program [ILEP]
The innovative legal education program [ILEP] has dramatically influenced the whole system of legal education in Ukraine. Hundreds of law students have been involved in visiting courts, reviewing and analyzing videos of court proceedings in civil, commercial, administrative and criminal cases, participating workshops under the guidance of judges, prosecutors and top-lawyers, trainings on rules of behavior in courts, legal procedures and legal ethics. Finally, law students go through independent testing and obtain the Certificate of legal education and qualification. Find out more by visiting project's official web site and its social page in Facebook
Legal Ethics Committee [LEC] & Public Registry of Violations [PRV]
Hundreds of videos of court sessions in criminal, commercial, civil and administrative cases have been subjected to examination by the panel of experts within the Legal Ethics Committee. On a regular basis, our experts identify typical violations of legal procedures and rules of legal ethics by judges, advocates, prosecutors and parties to a case. Based on the results of examination we have been compiling the list of typical violations and publish information on such violations publicly, including the videos from courts. On the other hand, we publish videos which demonstrate judge's, prosecutor's and advocate`s adherence to the rules. Find out more by visiting project's page in social media
Increasing subsistence level in Ukraine!
For over 20 years, Government of Ukraine sets unlawful and not reasoned subsistence level in Ukraine [cost of living at the level of USD 40/ per month or USD 1,33 /per day]. According to the legislation, all social guaranties are based on the defined amount of subsistence level. At the same time, subsistence level is defined in monetary terms and calculated based on human needs in food, goods and services ['the consumer basket']. It means that the state avoids responsibility to assure basic human needs and guarantees for up to 50 million of people. Since 2015 we have initiated over 10 court cases against the government, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Policy, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finances of Ukraine in order to revise the level of subsistence level and won in all cases. According to the final decision, the Supreme Court declared illegal the consumer basket and the amount of subsistence level in Ukraine. Moreover, in their further judgements national courts satisfied our demands to review the national budget based on the illegality of the amount of subsistence level. We have united over 110 000 of citizens within the initiative. We were invited to speak in Ukrainian parliament on the matter
Court case to review Russian-Ukrainian gas supply agreements / Ukraine's energy independence
In 2013 we initiated a tricky court case against the authoritarian regime of Viktor Yanukovich to revise Russian-Ukrainian gas supply agreements. Until then, gas relations between two countries were referred to as the issue of top corruption in favor of political leaders. Despite that fact, we were able to initiate the court case and to persuade the court that the gas supply agreements should be revised as it contradicted the laws and threatened national security. Moreover, in the process of consideration of the case court denied to close the case and agreed with the position that such contracts are of a private nature, and that each party to the contract has a right to initiate the revision of its provisions. Finally, under the pressure of society Ukrainian State Company 'Naftogaz of Ukraine' used all those arguments and filed a lawsuit against Russian State Company 'Gazprom'. According to the decision of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) Ukrainian people won over 50 billion dollars in that battle.
Court case to declare illegal Ukraine's government refusal to sign the Agreement on Association between Ukraine and the European Union
In is well know that the Yanukovuch Government refused to sign the Agreement on Association between Ukraine and the European Union and that such decision erupted massive protests in Ukraine, the Euromaidan. Our team filed a lawsuit against the Cabinet of Ministers and won the case. According to the judgement, court declared illegal Ukraine's government refusal to sign the Agreement on Association between Ukraine and the European Union and annulled the decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 905-р as of November 21, 2013 which was the legal basis for the postponement of the eurointergration process. Moreover, court stated that the civic society should be involved in reforming the country and should be recognized as the participant of the decision making process and has the legal right to initiate cases of such legal nature before the court.
The annulment of Ukraine`s national debt in the amount of USD 400 mln.
In the course of our regular legal activities we identified that according to 4 decisions of national courts [including the final decision of the Supreme Court of Ukraine], Ukraine owes to Russia over USD 400 000 000.00. We launched our independent investigation and found that all decisions we built on the idea of the existence of one document, referred to as debt guaranties, which could be signed by former Ukraine's prime minister Lazarenko. Not being the party to a case, using only legal opportunities we established that Ukrainian Government never issued such legal document. Finally, all the judgements of national courts were annulled. Ukrainian people saved 400 millions
The liquidation of special military forces Berkut, named responsible for massive killings of protesters during the Revolution of Dignity
Following the eruption of the Revolution of Dignity, Ukrainian Government decided to call on the special armed forces - unit Berkut [literally 'Golden Eagle'']. It is also well known that such actions resulted in violent crackdowns and massive killing of protesters in Kyiv. We initiated and won the court case against the Ministry of Internal Affairs aimed at the liquidation of Berkut. Deciding a case in favor of plaintiff court found the special armed unit Berkut illegal. In order to strengthen our position and engage the society in monitoring the case we also involved in the case the former Ministry of Defense Anatoliy Grytsenko and the Eurovision contest winner Ruslana Luzhuchko as plaintiffs. It should be noted that the presiding judge denied a separate motion to forbid using the force against protesters at the early beginning of the case, what, could positively affect the situation and prevent the consequences
Compensation to families of Ukrainian climbers who were killed in Pakistan
On the night of June 23, 2013 in a basic camp on Nanga-Parbat in Gilgit-Baltistan's region of Pakistan, terrorists killed climbers Igor Svergun, Badavi Kashayev, and Dmitry Konyaev – participants of an expedition of the Ukraine International Nanga Parbat Expedition. We represented the interests of families of climbers and sent our official demands both to the Government of Ukraine and to the top authorities of Pakistan including to the President, the Senate, the Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Communications, and the Ministry of justice. Finally, each family received compensation.
We held wide discussions with involvement of top officials, members of parliament, representatives of the judiciary, law enforcement bodies, international experts, diplomats and public opinion leaders
We organized international negotiations between Ukrainian leaders and top representatives of another countries, including bilateral meetings between presidents, prime ministers, ministers
Working meetings
We held numerous working meetings with politicians, the representatives of Ukrainian government, the judiciary and the law enforcement bodies
We hosted international, national and regional conferences
We have involved thousands of legal professionals in reforming the country
We produce statements on most crucial issues for Ukraine's development
We held number of press-conferences to present the outcomes
of our activities to the society
We have been collaborating with the state authorities, political and non - political institutions in order to bring about changes
We hold workshops for judges, advocates, prosecutors
We hold trainings for law students
We held surveys among legal professionals and regular citizens
Despite Open Ukraine was founded in 2015, our team has launched basic activities in 2013. Since that days, our team of lawyers have initiated number of high profile cases against authoritarian Government of Ukraine and was actively involved in defending human rights
Open Ukraine is a non governmental and non-profit organization. We unite our efforts in financing the ongoing activity and receive financial support from another donors and partners in order to implement specific projects of great value
Not affiliated with politicians/officials
The organization and its members do not represent and are not affiliated with any political party or with appointed or elected officials. Instead, Open Ukraine partners with officials in order to bring about a qualitative changes and engages politicians in wide national discussions
Professional team
Our team consists of prominent lawyers, researchers and legal experts in the field of criminal, civil, commercial and administrative law. The main team consists of advocates, who graduated from the best law schools. We actively engage hundreds of law students and regular citizens from all over the country in participating in our ongoing projects and its managing

Open Ukraine is the leading non-governmental organization specializing in reforming the judiciary and legal education.
Our members has been numerously included in the ranking of 'top-5 lawyers', recognized as the best young lawyer and public person of Ukraine and awarded for the promotion of high standards of justice by the Supreme Court of Ukraine. Our leadership is based on the teamwork.

Open Ukraine`s activities have been highly recognized by legal professionals. We received numerous national and international awards. Our projects has been named the ones that change the country and positively affect Ukraine`s development. The recognition in society has always been the most important motivation towards developing and implementation of our projects
Highlighting in media
Results of our activities were highlighted in thousands of articles and publications, in hundreds of tv and radio programs, covered by leading Ukrainian media.

Our activity was also highlighted in foreign media of the European Union, USA, China, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Pakistan, India etc., including publications by «Deutsche Welle», «Euronews», NBC, NBC, Le Temps, WPROST, Pamirtimes, Leinonen,, Polishexpress, Telemundo, Eturbonews, WN.COM, PSZ.PL,,,,,,,,, DND, etc.
Events & Results
We held over 100 international, national and regional conferences and workshops with the involvement of top officials, judges, advocates, prosecutors, law students and have implemented numerous projects in the field of law. We hosted the 1st International Justice Forum, National Round Table on the strengthening the trust in courts, International Workshop on the impact of transparency on the rule of law, over 50 trainings for law students, over 50 workshops for judges, advocates and prosecutors on the rule of law. We were the first organization in Ukraine to held the National Survey on the level of confidence in courts among parties to a cases and their representatives
Great people to make a difference !
Stanislav Batryn
Founder & Chairman
Mykhailo Dzhalapyn
Deputy Chairman
Oleg Berezuik
Deputy Chairman
Maksym Batryn
Leading Manager
Anatoliy Tarasenko
Regional Coordinator, Leading Expert
Ruslana Voroniuk
National Coordinator
Kateryna Havrush
National Coordinator
Natalia Lysenko
National Coordinator
Kateryna Butkovska
Regional Coordinator
Oksana Khotynska-Nor
Leading Expert
Myckola Orekhovskiy
Leading Expert
Mykhailo Shumylo
Leading Expert
Pavlo Bogomazov
Leading Expert
Volodymyr Bogutskiy
Leading Expert
Sergiy Fedchyshyn
Leading Expert
Vadym Melco
Leading Expert
Lana Sinichkina
Leading Expert
Ivan Magei
Leading Expert
Victor Rud
Founder & Board member of the Ukrainian American Bar Association, Chairman of its Committee on Foreign Affairs, ex co-counsel of the Ukrainian Helsinki Accords Watch Group, counsel to the US Public Member to the Helsinki Accords Review Conference in Madrid. He is an honors graduate of Harvard College and Duke Law School, Doctor of Law
Volodymyr Vasylenko
Diplomat, UN General Assembly judge in the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, former Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Ambassador in Benelux countries and also the Representative of Ukraine to the European Union and NATO, Doctor of Law, Professor
Bohdan Futey
Senior Judge subject to recall [the United States Court of Federal Claims]. He joined the court in 1987 after being nominated by President Ronald Reaganб served until his term ended in 2002 and assumed senior status. Member of the DC Bar Association and the Ukrainian American Bar Association, Doctor of Law, Professor
Mark Segal
Leading international expert and consultant, involved in reforming the judiciary and enhancing the rule of law in over 50 countries. Advisor to Ministries of Justice, Courts, Prosecution Services, Associations of Judges, Bar Associations, and organizations
Bate Toms
Chairman of the British Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. Studied law at Washington and Lee University [B.A., magna cum laude, 1971] Phi Beta Kappa, Cambridge University [Magdalene College - Law Tripos I, 1972] and Yale Law School [J.D., 1975, editor of the Yale Law Journal]. He studied Soviet Studies at Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris
Valeriy Karpuntsov
Former Member of Parliament, assistant Prosecutor General in special matters, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Doctor of Law
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